Humanity 3.0 Masterclass

Learn how to live in an inter-depentent, heart centred community. In this masterclass, learn how to track, develop your embodied awareness and how to lead a Heart IQ Community Circle.


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In this 6 hour training you'll receive...

What is Humanity 3.0?

In this first session, learn about the big picture of Humanity 3.0 and what does a healthy, heart-centered inter-dependent community look like.

Embodied Awareness

In this practical 'follow-along' training you'll get a chance to practice a critical skill in developing your Heart Intelligence: Tracking. Through learning to watch your experience while staying deeply connected to your body, heart and depth, you'll discover a powerful joy no matter what you're feeling or experiencing in the moment.


Heart IQ Circle Training

This third and mind session will take you through how to facilitate and lead your own Heart IQ Circle and how to establish an amplified field. You can follow along by yourself and or, preferably as a group.